Supported by International Arctic Science Committee and Arkhangelsk regional government

Climate change and development of the arctic population

The Arctic Science Summit Week 2019 will take place
from 22 to 30 May, 2019 in Northern (Arctic) Federal University
and Northern State Medical University, Russia, Arkhangelsk.
Under the auspices of International Arctic Science Committee,
participants from more than 23 countries and regions will be involved.

If you are late or have any questions about registration, contact us please at
We will do our best to solve your problem on an individual basis. 

PLENARIES, Changes in the Scientific Program — download.

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    Important Dates

    28 February


    Early Registration Deadline

    28 February


    Abstract Submission Deadline

    8 MARCH


    Community meetings request deadline

    31 March


    Visa Letter Application Deadline

    15 May


    Registration Deadline

    Summit dates

    May 22-23


    IASC & Partner Meetings

    May 24-25


    Science Days: keynotes, sessions, and poster presentations

    May 26


    Partner Meetings, sessions

    May 27


    Business day (presentations, sessions, IASC medal, dinner)

    May 28


    Indigenous people day & Science Day (sessions & posters)

    May 29-30


    Optional Excursions


    Speakers are qualified experts in their fields who have a huge professional reserve and desire to share it with you.


    Anatoly Soloviev

    Dynamics of changes in the magnetic field of the Arctic


    Alexander Volkov

    Mineral resources of the Arctic regions of Russia and the problems of their development


    Leopold Lobkovsky

    Geodynamics and potentially dangerous processes on the Arctic shelf


    Liliya Dobrodeeva

    Features of the neuro-immune-endocrine regulation of human adaptation in the Arctic


    Ivan Frolov

    Meteorology in Arctic Studies


    Vladimir Melnikov

    Cold Arctic Resources


    Dmitry Drozdov

    Cold Arctic Resources


    Konstantin Kulikov

    Problems and Experience of Ensuring Radiation Safety of the Russian Arctic in Decommissioning and Rehabilitation of Radiation Hazardous Objects


    Yoo Kyung Lee

    Microbes in the Arctic


    Jackie Grebmeier

    The Distributed Biological Observatory: A Change Detection Array in the Pacific Arctic


    Gabriela Schaepman-Strub

    Vegetation in the Arctic


    Michelle Mack

    Increasing fire severity, alternate successional trajectories, and the carbon balance of Alaskan boreal forests


    Victoria Buschman

    Facilitating the inclusion of Indigenous participation and knowledge in circumpolar Arctic wetlands conservation


    Marika Holland

    2019 IASC Medal Lecture - Topic: Understanding, Modeling and Predicting Arctic Climate & Sea Ice

    Dear friends and esteemed colleagues!

    I invite you to the 21st Arctic Science Summit Week to be hosted in Arkhangelsk on May 22 – 30, 2019. In the scientific world, such a large- scale event is held in Russia for the second time, and for the first time the Arkhangelsk region – one of the Russian Federation Arctic regions – was chosen as its venue. Arkhangelsk city is the largest scientific, industrial and cultural center of the Arctic zone, the pride of the Russian North.

    Founded in 1584, Arkhangelsk has always been inextricably linked to development of the Arctic mainland and the Northern Sea Route. Initiated by Tsar-Reformer Peter I, Arkhangelsk became the first sea port in Russia and cradle of the Russian Fleet. More than 200 expeditions went from its berths to explore the Northern latitudes.

    The first Russian academician Mikhail Lomonosov, who glorified his small Motherland and Russian science all over the world, was born here, in the Kholmogory land. Nowadays, the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M. V. Lomonosov in Arkhangelsk has a high status of one of the largest Russian scientific-educational centers associated with Arctic study and development, as well as high professional training.

    The talented, hospitable and kind-hearted people who live in our region are faithful to traditions and love their harsh Northern land. Visit our place once, and you’ll wish to return here again and again.

    For the Arctic Science Summit Week participants there’s prepared not only an interesting scientific program, but also a chance to visit the city and regional most beautiful cultural-historical places. We guarantee an indelible experience of tasting the unique Pomor cuisine!

    Welcome to the Russian North!

    Governor of Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov