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Information for the media

We are pleased to welcome journalists at the sessions and meetings during the Science Week. If you are planning to document the meetings or science presented at ASSW, we will be happy to assist you and arrange meetings and interviews with our experts.
Please contact the head of the Media Center for more information.

Please make sure that the request contains all the necessary information:

- the topics you are going to cover,
- the sessions that you would like to attend,
- media in which you are going to publish the materials,
- contact request for the interview with experts,
- interview questions.

Requirements for the application for accreditation

Free accreditation is issued only to journalists working in official media (newspapers, magazines, radio,
television, online media). Please submit your registration request with a copy of your press card or
business card.
If you are a scientific blogger, please send us a link to your blog and information about your audience
(visitors per year).
Participants who are making scientific presentations, such as posters or reports, cannot acquire
media registration.

By submitting a registration request, you agree to the requirement to send published articles in hard copy
or in pdf format and/or links to online publications for the conference archive and for the personal
documentation of the participants.

Please register in advance to receive a pass at check-in.
Media registration allows you to visit all sessions, exhibitions and to get Wi-Fi access.
We will email you if your registration is approved.
To get access to the conference, you will need to pick up your badge at the registration desk.
Please bring your ID.
We cannot provide invitation letters for media participants.
We can help you with hotel contacts and visa support.